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Chapter 4(1st Part): The Virtual Training

Narrator:”When they get out from the temple, a troop of monsters approached them.”
Mons. Leader:”I am Jackrow, the servant of Dhana. I come here to bring an end to all of you. My troop! Go Kill Them!”
Yosua:”Hey students! Time to test your new weapons!”
Hans:”Hey, ring! Get my magic staff out.”
Hans’ Ring:”Yes, master!”
Narrator:”The ring shone and changed into a magic staff.”
Hans:”Magic staff! I command you to send rain of fires to the monsters!”
Narrator:”The magic staff sent out rain of fires from the sky and hit the monsters.”
Hans:”Yes! It’s a strike! Hahaha! Bryan! It’s your turn!”
Bryan:”Hey, sword! Wind Slasher!”
Narrator:”When Bryan swung the sword, even if the sword didn’t touch the monsters’ body, the monsters’ body was cut into half and they disappeared.”
Bryan:”Yiiihhhaa!! Hey Raica! It’s your turn! Finish that monsters!”
Raica:”Speedy Machine Gun Hits!”
Narrator:”Raica ran to the monsters and hit them one by one with a speed of light and the monsters was now totally gone.”
Narrator:”After all of the monsters was defeated, only Jackrow left behind.”
Hans:”Hey, Jackrow! Let me bring you to your end now!”
Yosua:”Stop Hans! Don’t attack him! Your power can’t defeat him! Let me finish him!”
Yosua:”The spirit of Wolf! If you hear me, please come to me and hear my command!”
Jackrow:”My spirit of snake will beat your old wolf! Spirit of snake! Come to me and hear my command!”
Narrator:”A wolf and a snake appeared transparently and were ready to fight.”
Yosua:”Hey Jackrow! Is that a rope or a snake? Hahaha! My wolf will eat that snake now. Hey wolfy! Eat that snake! That will be your food for today! Wolf Slash and Bite!”
Narrator:”The wolf catched the snake’s tail, threw it up high and when the snake fell down, the wolf ate it in one gulp.”
Jackrow:”No way! Owh no! I will be dead right now!”
Yosua:”Hey, wolf! Now eat Jackrow! He is very tasty! Go eat him!”
Narrator:”So, the wolf ran toward Jackrow fastly, bite him and Jackrow disappeared.”
Yosua:”Good wolf! Now, go back to your habitat! Hahaha!”
Hans:”Yes! Hey, Sensei! We win! This is our first battle and we win! Yey!”
Bryan:”Yeah! We win!”
Narrator:”After that battle, they all went to the Lava River.”
Yosua:”Hey, Hans! Use you magic staff to make a way for us to cross the Lava River now! Faster!”
Hans:”Yes, Sensei!”
Hans:”Magic staff! I command you to divide the Lava River into two and make a way for us!”
Narrator:”Then, the magic staff shone and the Lava River was divided into two and make a dry way for them to pass by.”
Hans:”Run now! Go! Go! Go! The lava can only stay divided for a few seconds!”
Narrator:”So, they run as fast as they could and luckily they passed the Lava River before the way is closed.”
Bryan:”Fyuh! Tough luck, huh?”
Raica:”Hahaha! Yeah! Tough luck!”
Yosua:”Students! Behold, the mansion of Sensei Christopher…”
Bryan:”Let’s go and check it out!”
Hans:”Anyone here?” *knocking the door*
Narrator:”The door is opened by a strange creature with a lava clothing. It attacked Hans.”
Someone:”Golva! Stop! Get to your chamber now! I am sorry for that. That is my pet named Golva. It is a lava golem.”
Hans:”Lava Golem!? Cool! Interesting! Fantastic! Bombastic!”
Raica:”Hans, aren’t your dialect is too hyperbole? Hahaha!”
Hans:”Hahaha! Maybe!”
Yosua:”Hi, Christopher! Remember me? I am Yosua! Your old friend!”
Christopher:”Ow Yeah! Long time no see, Yosua! Hahaha!”
Yosua:”This is my students. Hans, the magic master. Bryan, the warrior master. And Raica, the defender master.”
Christopher:”Cool! Ok! Come in and I will show you all what training is all about.”
Narrator:”They all went inside Christopher’s house and saw many dangerous weapons and a virtual room.”
Christopher:”Ladies and gentlemen, this is my precious training room. My student often train here. Wanna try to train here? When you sit at the virtual chair, your spirit will go inside the virtual world. I have many NPC inside the virtual world. They will help you to pass the training one by one. But, remember one thing, if you are killed at the virtual world. It means you’re killed at the real world. So, wanna try?”
Hans:”I will never give up! I’ll try!
Bryan:”I will never turn back and just run away! I’ll try!”
Raica:”Nothing will stop me! I’ll try it too!”
Christopher:”Yosua. Your students have a tough attitudes and and a nice bravery.”
Narrator:”So, Hans, Bryan, and Raica sat at the virtual chair and their adventure at the virtual world began.”

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