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Chapter 3: The Owner of Suzaku

Narrator:”After taking a rest for a whole day, they continued their journey.”
Narrator:”Seiryu and Byako heard that sound and change into creatures again.”
Yosua:”Today, our destination is the Village of Yang. The owner of Suzaku is predicted to come and train there everyday.”
Hans:”Is that village is the mate of the Village of Yin?”
Yosua:”Exactly, Hans.”
Bryan:”So, it is probably a deserted village too.”
Yosua:”Yea….. Maybe.”
Narrator:”They walk for a few hours and they are inside the Village of Yang.”
Yosua:”Every village has a temple or a shrine. Let us check it. People usually go there to train.”
Narrator:”So, they search for a temple for a minute and find it near the graveyard of Yang.”
Hans:”A temple beside the graveyard….. Wow. It must be creepy.”
Bryan:”Ow Hans. Don’t scare me please.”
Yosua:”Let us go inside and check it out.”
*Inside the temple*
Bryan:”Hey, Guys. Check this out! I found a scroll.”
Stranger:”Hey! That’s mine! Don’t touch it! Leave it or I will kill you…”
Bryan:”Wouw..wouw…wouw…! No! I am not a thief. I will give it to you back. I am only searching for a teenager which is the owner of Suzaku here.”
Stranger:”Ow… Sorry. But, the one you’re searching for is me. I am the owner of Suzaku, the God of Phoenix. My name is Raica.”
Hans:”I don’t believe you if I don’t fight with you. Come on! Fight with me.”
Bryan:”What!? Hey, Hans. Are you crazy? Do you see her hands and legs? It is full of blood and scars. That means that she really train hard everyday.”
Hans:”For me, this is a training.”
Bryan:”Ok..... I wanna see your action. Go.. Go!”
Hans:”Here we go! “
Raica:”Cece Gule Gule Fista Fista Langga Langga Dilangga!”
Narrator:”A phoenix came out from Raica’s body.”
Yosua:”It is Suzaku! Wow!”
Hans:”Cece Gule Gule Fista Fista Langga Langga Dilangga!”
Narrator:”Then, Seiryu came out and Hans closed his eyes, concentrate his chakra to all spots of his body and burst it out.”
Hans:”Chakra Burst!”
Raica:”Suzaku! Blast out fireballs!”
Narrator:”Many fireballs is spitted out from Suzaku’s mouth and went to Hans.”
Hans:”I am not that easy to lose, Raica.”
Narrator:”Hans’ chakra reflect back the fireballs to Raica.”
Raica:”Cih! Machine Gun Hits!“
Narrator:“Raica hit all of the fireballs and the fireballs quickly disappeared.”
Bryan:”Wow! Cool! Amazing!”
Raica:”Speed Punch!”
Narrator:”Raica ran to Hans with a speed of light and hit him with a powerful punch.”
*Sound Effect*:”BBBUUUAAAKKK!!!
Narrator:”Hans fainted and Seiryu disappeared.”
Bryan:”One down, one to go! It’s my turn!”
Narrator:”Bryan concentrates his chakra at his leg do a break dance and burst it out.”
Bryan:”Hhahaha!! Break Dance of Chakra!”
Narrator:”Many illusions of Byako came out from Bryan’s legs and hit Raica. Raica lose.”
Bryan:”Yey! I win! Hey, Hans! Wake up, Hans!”
Hans:”Eeehhh….. I think that I have a nightmare….”
Raica:”Ok… I lose. I give up.”
Yosua:”Hey, Raica! We need your power to defeat the evilness of Azkha Xin O’ Desh. Do you want to follow us? After this, we will go to search for the owner of Genbu.”
Raica:”The owner of Genbu? I know where she is! She is living beside the Kingdom of Hell. Yeah…. I wanna follow you all. I know so much information about Arlan!”
Raica:”That is the nickname for Azkha Xing O’ Desh.”
Hans:”Ohh, I see. Ok! A hundred of wonderful journey is waiting for us! Come on! Don’t waste our time.”
Narrator:”Suddenly, Raica’s scroll fly toward Hans.”
Scroll:”Take one of the 4 rings inside me, Hans.”
Hans:”Wow! A talking scroll! Interesting. Ok. I’ll take this one!”
Scroll:”Imagine any weapon, guardian, or anything. It will appear from the ring. The ring can store up Imaginative items and guardians inside it.”
Bryan:”Wow! Cool! I want one!”
Raica:”Yea… I’ll take one too. These rings is only for the 4 owner of the legendary creatures.”
Yosua:”No… It must be that I have one. There must be 5 rings. It is the dream that tells me that. And it is taken by Dhana, the assistant of Arlan. He use it to make the 8 strongest darkness guardian. They are called the ‘Dark Eightiest’.”
Narrator:”After Hans, Raica, and Bryan use the rings, the ring said something.”
Rings:”Please close your eyes and imagine your first item or guardian, Master.”
Hans:”Cool! A talking ring!”
Narrator:”So, Hans, Bryan, and Raica closed their eyes. They imagined their weapon or guardian. Then, they opened their eyes again. And the item that they want was in front of them. ”
Hans:”Yes! A magic staff!”
Bryan:”An elemental sword! Woohooo!”
Raica:”Yes! A Magic Robe!”
Yosua:”Ok then. You all has gotten your new power. Now, let’s head to the next place which is the house of my friend, Sensei Christopher at the bank of Lava River.”
Hans:”A new sensei! That means a new training! Yep! Lets go!”
Bryan:”Wew…. Lava River…”
Raica:”Ok, then! Let’s move out! C’mon!”

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