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Chapter 1: Village of Yin

Narrator:"For 3 days and 2 nights Hans travel according the map that he had."
Hans:"I am so tired.... But I must never give up!"
Narrator:"So Hans continue walking to the Village of Yin. And slow but sure, he had came into the Village of Yin."
Hans:"What village is this? It doesn't seems to be a village. This looks like a deserted village."*looking around the village*
Narrator:"Then, He saw a dojo."
Hans:"Wow! A dojo! I should go inside it! Maybe, I can find somebody!"*going inside the dojo*
Hans:"Anyone here? I am looking for the owner of Byako that is said to be here! Please answer me, Anyone!"
Narrator:"After Hans shouted, someone come from the darkness."
Bryan:"I am the owner of Byako. My name is Bryan. Nice to meet you. What is your name?"
Hans:"Hello, Bryan. My name is Hans, the owner of Seiryu. Nice to meet you too."
Narrator:"Then, someone came again."
Someone:"What the light has said to me is right. I will meet the owner of Seiryu and the owner of Byako here."
Hans:"Who are you?"*Taking his double dagger given from his father*
Someone:"Wait, wait, wait! I am not a bad guy! Be calm. I am Sensei Yosua and I am here to train and lead the 4 owner of the legendary creatures to fight Azkha Xing O' Desh."
Hans:"Sensei Yosua! I am sorry for what I have done. I apologize Sensei!"
Yosua:"Its ok, Hans. Now, show me your Seiryu. I wanna see the proof that you're the owner of Seiryu."
Hans:"But, I don't kow how to do that."
Bryan:"Hahaha! You are the owner of Seiryu but you don't know how to release Seiryu. Hahaha! That's funny. I'll teach you. Follow my words.Cece Gule Gule Fista Fista Langga Langga di Langga.

Hans:"Hhhmmm.. It seems that I understand that language. I must try. Cece Gule Gule Fista Fista Langga Langga di Langga.
Narrator:"Then, the spirit of Seiryu get out from Hans' body and the spirit of Byako get out from Bryan's body."
Seiryu and Byako:"Ggggrrroooaaaarrr!!!"
Hans:"Hei Seiryu! Come back to my body!"
Bryan:"Hei Byako! Come back to my body!"
Narrator:"Then, Seiryu and Byako get back to Hans' and Bryan's body."
Hans:"Wow! That is the coolest thing that I have ever done! Hahaha."
Yosua:"Ok then, time to move on!"
Narrator:"So they continue their journey to find the other owner of the legendary creatures and defeat Azkha Xing O' Desh."

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