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Chapter 2: Training and Journey

Narrator:"After 5 hours of walking to the next place to find the other owner of the legendary creatures, they find a temple."
Hans:"Maybe, we'll take a rest for a while at this temple."
Yosua:"No time to rest, Hans! Let us do our first training here now. We have no time to waste. I will teach you the technique of controlling your chakra and spiritual energy. Every person has their own way in controlling and releasing it. Hans and Bryan! Release your creatures and I'll ask them to teach you. Come on!"
Bryan:"Hey, Hans! Time to rock!"
Hans and Bryan:"Cece Gule Gule Fista Fista Langga Langga Dilangga!"
Narrator:"Seiryu and Byako came out from their body."
Yosua:"Seiryu! Byako! Hear me! GogagigagegogagigagegogagigageKO!!!"
Narrator:"After hearing that, Seiryu and Byako transform into a human."
Yosua:"Dimension training start!"
Narrator:"Hans and Seiryu goes into a dimension. Bryan and Byako goes into a different dimension."
*At Hans' dimension*
Hans:"Where am I?"
Seiryu:"We are in the dimension that Sensei Yosua has made. I am here to be your teacher to conrol your chakra and spiritual energy. First, sit down, close your eyes, be calm, and concentrate your chakra and spiritual power into 1 point.
Hans:"What!? 1 day? I don't have much time, Seiryu."
Seiryu:"One day at this dimension is one minute at the real world."
Hans:"Owh... I see."
Narrator:"So, Hans follow Seiryu's direction and meditate for 1 day at that dimension. Bryan did the same thing.”
*At Bryan’s dimension*
Bryan:”Yeah… I can feel my chakra flowing throughout my body. Hey, Byako! May I  try to release my chakra now? I have meditate for a half day”
Byako:”No. Meditate for 1 day and you will feel the real one.”
Bryan:”Ok. Yayaya!”
Narrator:”One day had passed. Now, Hans and Bryan will show their creatures what they have got from 1 day of meditating.”
*At Hans dimension*
Seiryu:”Hey, Hans. Follow me. I will bring you to the shrine of statues.”
*At the shrine*
Seiryu:”At this shrine, there are thousands of statues. Destroy it with 1 release of your chakra. I know you can do it.”
Hans:”Ok. I’ll try.”
Narrator:”Hans closed his eyes and concentrate his chakra and spiritual energy at his both hands.”
Hans:”Ok… I am feeling it know. HHHHYYYYAAA!! Chakra Burst!”
Narrator:”When Hans release his chakra, all the statues become dust at a second and the shrine was going to be destroyed.”
Seiryu:”Wow! What a great power! Hey, Hans. You have a more powerful chakra then I expected. Even this shrine can’t hold your power. Let us get out of here. Come on!”
Hans:”GO go go go! Run! Come on! The shrine is destroyed! GO!”
Narrator:”Hans and Seiryu run fastly and luckily, they’re save.”
Hans:”Hoh… hoh…. Hoh….! Fyuh! Lucky! Hei, Seiryu! Do I pass this first training?”
Seiryu:”Yeah… You pass. Sensei Yosua would be glad to hear this. Hahaha… You may take a rest today.”
Hans:”Yes!!! Yiiihhhaaa! I can do it!”
Narrator:” So Hans is the first person to get out from the dimension. While Bryan…..”
*At Bryan’s dimension*
Byako:”Hey, Bryan. Follow me to the court of GONG.”
Bryan:”Court of GONG? Weird name for a court. Hahaha. Ok.”
*At the court*
Byako:”At this court, there are thousands of gongs. Try to destroy it in one release of chakra and spiritual energy.”
Bryan:”OK. I’ll try.”
Narrator:”Bryan concentrate his chakra and spiritual energy at his leg.”
Bryan:”All right. Now I’m gonna release it with a cool way. HHIIAA!! Break dance of Chakra!”
Narrator:”Bryan did a break dance and chakra get out from his leg fastly. The chakra hit the gong and slash the gong one by one.”
Byako:”Wow! Really fantastic! Hahaha! Maybe, you’re the coolest magician among all magician in the world. Hahaha. You pass the training, Bryan.”
Bryan:”Of course I pass! Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Narrator:”So Bryan and Byako get out from the dimension too and they take a rest for that whole day with Seiryu, Hans, and Sensei Yosua.”

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