Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Magic and Wizard

Narrator:"Long time ago, there lived a little boy name Hans. When Hans was born, there was a dragon tatoo at his forehead. It disappeared when Hans was 1 years old. When, he was 12 years old, he moves from his hometown, China, to a village called "The Village of Light".
Hans:"Wow! This village is better than China. The wind breeze is fresher here. No air is polluted here. It is all fresh here. I like this village!"
Hans Mom:"Hans! Come on! It's night already! Get to sleep!"
Hans:"Yes mom! I coming!"
Narrator:"That night, hans dreamed about the 4 legendary creatures in China. He sees 4 creatures which were Seiryu the dragon, Byako the tiger, Genbu the Turtle, and Suzaku the phoenix. Suddenly, Seiryu goes inside Hans body."
Hans:"GGGGYYYAAA!!!*wake up at the midnight*"
Narrator:"After Hans had woke up, a shining light appeared infront of him."
Light:"Hans... I am Seiryu. The God of dragon. You will get my power for I have chose you to be my owner. The God of Darkness, Azkha Xing O' Desh, has awoken from his death. Head to the village of Yin and train yourself there. There, you will find your path as a magician to save the world from Azkha Xing O' Desh. YOu will find the owner of Byako too at the vilage of Yin."
Narrator:"After saying that, the light disappeared and Hans fell asleep again."
Hans:"Hhhoooaaahhhmmm!! What a strange night. But I feel that it is real. I must go ask my mom and dad for permission to go for a big adventure!"*waking up*
Hans:*going to the living room*"Mom! Dad! I wanna go out for a very big adventure, the world needs my help. May I go out for that long journey?"
Mom:"Of course you can! So pack up your things and go! Come on son!"
Hans:"Yey! Thx mom! I love you!"
Narrator:"After packing up his things, Hans go out from the Village of Light and started his journey. And now the adventure to save the world begin......"

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